Feeder Frenzy!

On Sunday I was able to spend some quailty time watching the feeders in our front yard.  There is a band of normal birds that visit nearly daily--BC Chickadee, Downy WP, Red-bellied WP, and an occasional Titmouse.  However, with the recent snow our feeders have become a bit more popular.  The normal crew showed up and darted between the feeders and tree.  It was quite fun watching them and apparently they were making enough noise to attract some other birds in the neighborhood.  Not long after the normal crew showed up, we had a few more visitors to the yard.  A lone Yellow-rumped Warbler darted into our yard and lingered long enough to grab a bite.  This was a first for our yard!  The activity also attracted a pair of Goldfinches and a group of Juncos.  I know these birds are not uncommon, but it was quite entertaining to see them show up in our front yard!

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