New Lifers!

Whoo!! Hooo!!! Over the past couple days I've been able to add THREE new birds to my life list! Although I didn't get good pictures of any of them, I got really good views of all of them.
So, what birds did I see?

1. Carolina Chickadee: Last weekend we visited family in southern MO. While on a walk these sweet little Chickadees were chattering and darting around trees on either side of the road. They're so fun! While we were there we saw several other fun birds. Here's one of the Scissor-Tailed Flycatchers we saw. Earlier in the summer we spotted a family of these down the road. I suspect this is one of the youngsters from that family.

2. Common Nighthawk: I know these are common, but I've been unable to catch a glimpse of them so far....until today! There is a park near my house were I go walking almost daily. Today I changed up the route a bit and caught a sight of a Nighthawk perched on a branch up in a Sycamore tree. That made my day.

3. Chimney Swift: Since the previously mentioned walk around the park was cut short a bit due to weather, my mom and I took a jaunt around the neighborhood. There is small open field at the end of one of the streets. Over the field there were 20+ Swifts swooping around in the sky. We stopped and watched them until they passed on to a new area. We were just starting to head back home when mom spotted 3 Nighthawks flying above us headed across the field.


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