The Most Curious Kinglet

I had a great weekend! I saw two new life birds (Ruby-Crowned Kinglet & Yellow Rumped Warbler) and had a lot of fun visiting family at a wedding.  On Saturday I went out and about with my binoculars in hand.  At the time I had no idea that the best birding experience wouldn't even require my binoculars! I was walking with my mom and we stopped to watch one of the foraging flocks of chickadee's, tufted titmouse, and downy's.  While we were enjoying the group darting around and chattering with each other we noticed a new bird had joined the mix.  It was a tiny Ruby Crowned Kinglet and he kept hopping out to peek at us.  Finally he built up enough courage to hop out and perch at a branch that was two feet away and at eye level.  He sat there long enough to get a really good look at us and for me to sneak my point & shoot out of my pocket and snap a picture.  It was wonderful!

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