Digiscoping Experiments

Since I got my scope (!!) I've been trying to figure out a way to attach my digital camera to the eyepiece of the scope without spending money on an adapter.  I spent several hours online and finally decided to replicate this adapter.  I made it out of an old peanut butter jar & a lot of duct tape.  I actually had a lot of fun making it and plan on making a new & improved one soon.  

To test out my new set up my mom and I visited Squaw Creek NWR earlier this week.  Although it was cold, wet, and snowy, we managed to see some wonderful birds. 

Mom and I spotted a traveling flock of birds working a group of trees near the entrance to the refuge.  Since I was eager to start trying out my scope/camera set up, I stopped the car and got everything set up.  I managed to get a series of photos of a cooperative Eastern Bluebird sitting 30-35 feet away on a branch.  Oddly, the first picture I took of that Eastern Bluebird probably ended up being the best picture of the day. I had never appreciated how quickly some of those little birds move before.  I also snapped a picture of a Carolina Wren.  Unfortunately he was more interested in buzzing at the intruding birds than sitting still for me to take a photo. I just got one picture of the quick moving little bugger!

On our tour of the rest of the refuge we saw thousands of waterfowl.  Things seemed to work pretty well, but I'm going to have to practice A LOT.  I also will have to figure out the best mode/program/setting to keep my camera on.  That means I'll have to go out and practicve again.  Woo Hoo!!

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