Fun with Loons

This morning I headed out to Smithville Lake to try out my new scope.  I've been to Smithville Lake many times before and have had variable success.  Either it's incredibly windy and I can't hold  my binoculars still enough to ID the tiny dots floating in the middle of the lake OR the tiny dots are just too far away! 

Today it was drizzly and overcast, but overall it wasn't a bad day for birding.  Naturally I couldn't make out any of the tiny dots congregating in the middle of the lake, but I was able to pick out several (5-6) Common Loons.  They floated about happily and occasionally shook off the extra drizzle.  I was quite content sitting in my car with my scope watching the group mill about.  Sadly, after I got home I read online that a fellow birder had seen several Pacific Loons on the lake today.  Unfortunately I did not happen to see any of them.  Oh well!  I even tried my hand at digiscoping some pictures.  I know they're pretty basic, but I welcome all suggestions for improvevment.

Ever since getting my lovely scope, I've been scouring websites trying to gather as much information I can about digiscoping.  Today I was just holding my Canon up to the eyepiece of the scope which I'm sure accounts for a fair amount of blur, but I'd love to figure out a way to position my camera at the eyepiece without spending extra money on a specifically designed digiscoping adapter.  Perhaps that will be my next project!

The picture about is my favorite picture of the day.  The face just cracks me up!

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